Your PCOS Hormone Problems Could Be Caused By Your Household Products 

It's Time To Understand What's In Those Complicated Scientific Ingredients Lists !

PCOS Women everywhere are learning about the bad impact on their hormone balance caused by the chemicals in the products that they use everyday. Instead, they are turning to 100% natural products - but why is this health craze taking off now?

1. Scientists have proven that the ingredients in most cosmetics and personal care products can have significant impact on your health, they disrupt (mess up) your hormones, and more! Sleep, skin, digestive and other more serious problems like increased cancer risk.

2. The ingredients from products we put on our skin are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Think how effective a nicotine patch is as getting absorbed into your bloodstream.

3. Big corporations want to make more profits, so they use cheaper synthetic ingredients.  The toxic load on ourselves and now is huge, and although important for everyone, this is especially important for us PCOS ladies. Our livers are less able to process toxins than the average women so we struggle more with this, and the hormone disrupting ingredients are an obvious one for us to avoid if we are to keep our PCOS under control.

4. There is little regulation in the beauty care industry. The industry now is the same as the cigarette industry was in the 1950's - (poisoning you and hiding the truth).

5. The massive rise in infertility, cancers, childhood diseases and asthma are unexplained. There is growing evidence that the toxic load from all of the chemicals in our everyday products like soaps, makeup, cleaning sprays, candles, fragrances, shampoos and deodorants is a significant contributor.  And thousands of women who have switched their households to natural products agree.

But there's a problem...

Manufacturers are wising up to the fact that their customers are turning away from synthetic products, and they are once again deceiving people by claiming there products are natural when they are not! 

This is called 'greenwashing' - putting words like 'organic' and 'natural ingredients' in their marketing and on their packaging to make you think their products are chemical free when they aren't. 

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